Best Thing I've Ever Ate: Disney Edition

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The team at Mickey and Mandy (Mandy, Katie, Fred, David and Ivy) has been doing a lot of dreaming lately in between trips to see the mouse...mostly about the food! Check out the best things we've ever had in the parks below!

Drink: Lost on Safari, Dawa Bar in the Animal Kingdom

It’s two different kinds of rum mixed with a Disney creation known as pangani punch. The punch is really fruity and the entire thing is perfect for cooling off during a trek through African. I’ll stop and get this drink every time, without fail. 

Food: Churro Funnel Cake, Hungry Bear Restaurant in Disneyland

This house-made funnel cake is the stuff dreams are made of. Seriously. They take those churros that we all love and cherish and turn it into a cake (which I didn’t think could make churros better, but it does). It’s topped with cinnamon and sugar before getting a Mickey-shaped dollop of whipped cream. The entire thing melts in your mouth and while it’s sticky on a hot day, it’s so tasty you won’t even mind the mess.


Drink: Spikey Pineapple, Trader Sam’s at the Polynesian Resort

While you can get a rum dole whip at some locations throughout the parks – Tamu Tamu in Animal Kingdom, for example, or during the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot – this iteration at Trader Sam’s checks all of the boxes for a Dole Whip with a kick. Plus, it comes with a tropical atmosphere that just can’t be beat. Be warned, though. Trader Sam’s can be a difficult place to get a seat.

Food: Super Stretchy Burger Inspired by Mrs. Incredible, Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe in the Magic Kingdom

This burger is only at the Magic Kingdom for a limited time but after trying it during a Memorial Day trip this year, it easily hit my favorite foods list. The cheese has that patented Elastigirl stretch and the bacon and burger themselves are juicy and cooked to perfection. This is already one of my favorite places to stop for a quick bit as I’m traveling through Fantasyland to Tomorrowland but this is a must-try before the Incredibles convention overlay ends on Sept. 3.


Drink: Manhattan, California Grill at the Contemporary Resort

I had a lot of manhattans before this trip to the California Grill and I’ve had a lot since then but this was really one of the best things I’ve ever drank at Disney. It’s already one of my favorite drinks but the bartenders of the restaurant made it really smooth and paired with a fireworks view? You just can’t beat it.

Food: Poached Forelle Pears, Le Cellier Steakhouse in Epcot

This appetizer at one of the park’s signature restaurants had a little bit of everything to make it worth your while. The pears were sweet but the blue cheese that came with it cut into the sweetness in a way that made it really enjoyable on a day where we were really beyond hot and tired.


Drink: Grand Colada, Grand Floridian Resort

I think this drink is one of my favorites because it was my first one in Disney. We hit up the Grand Floridian pool bar as part of the monorail bar crawl and while you can’t get this drink at the pool anymore, it’s still available at the Grand Floridian Café. It’s like a classic pina colada with a twist, giving it a blue hue thanks to Blue Curacao, perfect for watching people at the pool!

Food: Bacon Mac and Cheese Cone, Cozy Cone Café in California Adventure

Available at Cozy Cone #3, this creamy macaroni and cheese is topped with bacon that's been cooked to perfection and is nestled in a cone made out of bread. So if you don't like carbs this probably isn't the Disney meal for you but I personally don't know if you can go wrong with cheese, bread, pasta and bacon. If we could figured out a way to get this to Disney World I would be eternally grateful.


Drink: Sangria, Via Napoli in Epcot

I don't know what it is they do to the wine at Via Napoli but it already is so tasty. I could drink an entire pitcher of that if I wanted to but by adding in the fruit to soak up the wine in addition to releasing its own flavors makes this drink absolute perfection. Getting to eat the little pieces of apples and other fruit make my glass being empty a little less sad.

Food: Cheddar Cheese Soup, Le Cellier

We first went to Le Cellier about ten years ago or so now and when I first tried this soup I knew it was love. The consistency is so creamy that it made me want to like the bowl clean. After that, we've made it at home for years but it was never quite as good. After going back to Le Cellier on one of our more recent trips, I've decided ours didn't work out because you can't duplicate perfection. Filled with bacon and vegetables, this dish is perfect whether you're a first time diner or a veteran.


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