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Mickey and Mandy's Very Merry Little Thoughts

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Katie Nix

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Head on down to the bayou at Port Orleans Riverside

Katie Nix

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Welcome home! This classic cast member greeting takes on a whole new meaning when staying at Port Orleans Riverside, one of Walt Disney World’s moderate resorts, because its downhome feel and antebellum style feels just like that – home. Riverside is one of our go-to resorts to stay at, in addition to its sister resort French Quarter, because the rack rates are relatively low (in the neighborhood of $250 a night but Disney is almost always running discounts) for a moderate. It’s definitely on the larger side so there are some pros and cons that come with that – larger,...

Going on safari for some Fastpasses

Katie Nix

Utilizing Fastpass+, Disney World’s program which allows parkgoers the opportunity to schedule their line-jumping up to 60 days in advance, at Animal Kingdom can be a tricky business. As we discussed in our previous Magic Kingdom Fastpass+ strategy post, the original park for Walt Disney World doesn’t have a tiered system, meaning other than the three Fastpass per day restriction, there’s no limit to what you can get. However, the other three parks don’t work that way. At Animal Kingdom, the Fastpasses are tiered like so: Tier 1 Flight of Passage Na’vi River Journey Tier 2 Kilimanjaro Safari Expedition Everest...

Fastpass+ pixie dust in the Magic Kingdom

Katie Nix

Disney World's Fastpass+ program, which allows parkgoers the opportunity to schedule their line-jumping up to 60 days in advance, can be a dream come true. If you know the best way to do it! At the Magic Kingdom, there are no tiers to Fastpasses, meaning you can schedule any combination of attractions. The only limit is that there are three available and you have to use them all at the Magic Kingdom because you can't mix and match between parks. When traveling with a party of adults (or big kids and adults), you're definitely going to want to use your...

Four Parks, One World…One Day

Katie Nix

Disney World is a crazy enough experience. There’s so much to see and do that you might run out of time to do the things on your list! Sometimes even a week isn’t enough. So what do you do when you’re only spending ONE DAY in the most magical place on Earth? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we happen to be experts on hitting Animal Kingdom, before making our way to Hollywood Studios. After taking a nap and heading to Epcot, we decide to head to the Magic Kingdom before we realize we hit all four! We...

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